The Next Cyber Attack Could Come From Iran, US Government Warns

A heads up from the director of the United States CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) urges us all to remember that modern warfare includes tactics that extend beyond our physical world; and often involve cyber attacks that target both military and civilian systems.

5 Huge Companies You Didn’t Know Were Hacked this Decade

Happy New Year! In the technology world itself we’ve made some serious advancements over the last ten years. Perhaps the most necessary were the tighter, smarter security measures we’ve designed in response to the cyber security breaches we’ve seen this decade. Here...

Dridex Malware Isn’t New, But It’s Still Relevant

The US Department of Homeland Security recently issued an alert (yep, it’s that serious) about Dridex malware, a devastating scam that has resulted in an estimated $10 million dollars worth of theft by way of stealing banking credentials.

The Windows Expiration is Big News

Do you have Windows 7 or 8? If so, this crucial news pertains to you. Even though your operating systems won’t technically be unusable or “expire”, beginning on January 14th 2020, Microsoft will no longer send updates or offer support for these versions. This can...

Zero Day Vulnerabilities: Scary Stories from the Crypt

Happy Halloween! Most of us take delight in spooky ghost stories, mummies, or vampires in late October. For those of us who most value data, however, our threats are a little more… technological.

IoT Devices Are Not Safe By Default!

You may have never heard them referred to as “Internet of Things” devices, but you might just have a few in your home. Smart home gadgets, Alexa and Google Home, and smart screens in newer car models are all examples of these sophisticated yet highly functional...

Warning: Emotet Malware is Back in Action

Emotet, a well known banking trojan used to steal sensitive information (like bank account details) from computers, has awakened after a four month long hibernation. And with a reputation for being one of the most damaging, elusive and costly malwares around, that’s...

We Know You Have Trust Issues, But Windows Updates are Safe Now

Microsoft Windows updates don’t have much of a favorable reputation. Folks always seem to be groaning about their frequency, inconvenience, and functionality! It's even become a bit of a running joke for those who use computers on a frequent basis. But as we’ve told...

A Bit of Irony for Bitcoin Enthusiasts

Email receipts, paperless banking, electronic filing: these computer-powered features have been notoriously helpful when it comes to conserving energy and natural resources. As a matter of fact, with apps like PayPal and Venmo, even cash is becoming somewhat obsolete!...

An Unexpected Way To Keep Technology Secure: Update, Update, Update

Annoyed by those constant system updates that seem to happen at the most inconvenient of times? Don’t be. They might feel arbitrary or even pointless, but behind the scenes those updates are actively protecting you against dangerous vulnerabilities in your existing system.